Danish name of Hebrew origin.

It is mostly used in Scandinavian countries.

Axel is the Medieval Danish form of the name Absalom.

In Norway and Denmark it is commonly spelled Aksel.

Sources mention that the name may also be of Norse origin, from the Old Norse name Ásketill.

Alternative forms of the name are Aksel, Absalom, Acke, Axl, Akseli, Axill, Ax.

Axel is a popular name in Sweden. It is ranked #27 in France and #38 in Mexico.

Famous bearers are Axel Springer, Axel Fernando, Axel Witsel, Axel Coon, Axel Brauns, Axel Rodrigues de Arruda.

Axel Witsel is a Belgian professional footballer.

As a professional, he debuted in 2006 with the Belgian football club “Standard Liège.

He later signed with the Portuguese club “Benfica” and in 2012 with “Zenit Saint Petersburg” for 40 million euros and a 5 year contract.