Of uncertain origin, possibly Hebrew.

Caleb is associated with the Hebrew word “kelebh”, meaning “dog”.

It is also possible that it derives from the combination of the Hebrew “kal”, meaning “all”, “whole” and “lev”, meaning “heart”.

If so, Caleb means “wholehearted”.

According to the Old Testament, Caleb was one of the Israelites who were sent by Moses to reconnoiter Canaan and the only one, along with Moses and Joshua, which would finally see the Promised Land.

Caleb was used as an English name after the Protestant Reformation.

Other forms of the name are: Kaleb, Cale, Cal, Kale, Kayleb.

Famous bearers are Caleb Followill, Caleb Deschanel, Caleb Landry Jones, Caleb Lewis, Caleb Nott, Caleb Ralph.

Caleb Deschanel is an American director, director of photography, cinematographer.

As a director he has worked for tv series such as “Bones”, “Law & Order”, etc.

As a director of photography he has worked in films such as “Jack Reacher”, “Killer Joe”, “The Patriot”, “The Black Stallion”, etc.

Caleb Followill is an American singer and guitarist.

He is the lead vocalist of the rock band “Kings of Leon”.