Of Latin origin.

Emilio is the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of the Roman family name Aemilius, which was later translated into Emil.

It means “rival”.

Feminine forms of the name are Emilia, Emily.

Other forms of the name are: Emelio, Emiliano, Milo.

Famous bearers are Emilio Estevez, Emilio Pucci, Emilio Estefan, Emilio Rivera, Emilio Butragueno, Emilio Delgado, Emilio Pettroruti.

Emilio Estefan is a Cuban-American musician and producer.

Emilio Estefan formed the band “Miami Sound Machine”, five years after moving from Cuba to the U.S.A.

During his amazing career he has won 19 Grammy Awards and has developed the careers of several music stars.

In the following video you may watch a short interview of Emilio and his wife Gloria Estefan: