Of Greek origin.

The Greek name is “Ευγένιος”.

It derives from the word “εὐγενής “, meaning “well born”.

It is composed of the elements “εὖ “, meaning “good, well” and “γένος”, meaning “race, stock, kin”.

Latin form was Eugenius and was the name of many saints and four popes.

There are many variants of the name in different countries and languages.

It was an uncommon name until Prince Eugene of Savoy, a French-born general, became famous serving as a statesman of the Holy Roman Empire and Arch-duchy of Austria and one of the most successful military commanders in European history.

Other forms of the name are: Gene, Eugène, Yevgeny, Owen, Yvain, Owain.

Famous bearers are Eugene O’Neill, Gene Vincent, Eugène Ionesco, Eugène Delacroix, Eugene Wilson.

Gene Vincent, born Vincent Eugene Craddock, is considered as one of the greatest early rock and roll singers and songwriters of all time.

He is frequently characterized as a rockabilly pioneer.

His biggest hit song “Be-Bop-A-Lula” is listed among the greatest songs of all time, according to the “Rolling Stone” magazine.