Of Old Norse origin.

From the name Ingíđr, meaning “beautiful Ing”.

Derives from the combination of “Ing” and “fríđr”.

Ing was the name of an ancient Germanic god, possibly associated with the Greek word “λόγχη”, (logché), meaning “lance”.

Fríđr meant beautiful, beloved in Old Norse and is a common element in feminine Germanic given names.

Ingrid is a widely given name in Scandinavia and became popular outside the Scandinavian countries due to the fame of actress Ingrid Bergman.

Ingrid is the middle name of Hollywood’s star actress Scarlett Johansson.

Alternative forms of the name ar Inga, Inge, Inka, Inger.

Ingrid is ranked #13 in the 2016 baby names’ popularity lists in Norway.

Famous bearers are Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid Michaelson, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Ingrid Bjørnov, Ingrid Rubio, In-Grid (born Ingrid Alberini), Íngrid Betancourt, Ingrid Caven, Ingrid Thulin, Ingrid Hafner, Ingrid Law, Ingrid Jensen, Ingrid Pitt.

Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman was one of the legendary stars of Hollywood’s golden era.

She received numerous film awards, Academy, Golden Globe, Emmy, BAFTA, etc.

She is an iconic figure of the American cinema, due to her unpretentious beauty and her enormous acting talent.