English form of the Old French name Johanna.

This was the feminine form of John in the Middle Ages, deriving from the Greek name “Ιωάννης”.

It is also the Catalan and Occitan form of the name Johannes, related to John.

It is related to the names Jane, Jean, Jeanne, Seana, Joanna, Ivana and all the names deriving from John and “Ιωάννης”.

Lately, other popular forms of the name Jane are the names Janice, Janette and Jeannie.

Jeanne is a French form of Joan and Jean.

It is a name that, in various spellings, has been common among European royalty. Several queens bore the name, such as the queen of Naples and Castile.

Famous bearers are Joan of Arc, Joan Baez, Jane Fonda, Joan Fontaine, Joan Crawford, Joan Cusack, Joan Collins, Joan Jett, Joan Allen, Joan Rivers, Joan Plowright, Joan Sutherland, Jane Goodall, Jane Austen, Jane Campion, Jane Lynch, Jane Pierce, Jeanne Tripllehorn, Jeanne Moreau.

Joan is popular in Catalonia and Spain.

American singer, songwriter Joan Jett is a figurehead for many generations of female rockers.

She is best known for her work with the band “Joan Jett and the Blackheads”. She has numerous hit songs, such as “I Love Rock’n’Roll”, “I Hate my Self for Loving you”, “Light of Day”, etc.