Of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Germanic origin.

As a Spanish or Portuguese name, Linda derives from the word “linda”, meaning “beautiful”, probably of Latin origin.

It is also a short form of old Germanic names with the element “linde”, meaning “soft”, “tender”. Names such as Dietlinde, Sieglinde, etc.

The name was originally German, but from the end of the 19th century it was also used in the English speaking world.

Linda is also a name suffix used in several names used mostly in English speaking countries, such as Belinda, Melinda, Rosalinda, etc.

Alternative forms of the name are Lynda, Lynn, Lindy, Lynne, Lynnette, Lynna, Belinda.

Famous bearers are Linda Ronstadt, Linda Hamilton, Linda Evangelista, Linda Hunt, Linda McCartney, Linda Fiorentino, Linda Gray, Linda Perry, Linda Evans, Linda Blair.

Linda Ronstadt is a multi awarded American singer.

In her long career she has released more than 40 albums and won more than 10 Grammy Awards.

She is one of the world’s best selling artists of all time.

Linda Evangelista is a former Canadian model.

She worked with some of the world’s best fashion photographers and has been featured in the cover of some of the best fashion magazines.

She was characterized as the “chameleon” of the fashion industry.