Of Germanic origin.

It means famous warrior.

French form of the name Ludovicus, which is the Latinized form of the name Ludwig.

The name was introduced in England by the Normans and it is usually spelled Lewis.

It was the name of more than 15 kings of France.

Louis was mostly a name used by royalty, otherwise was quite rare.

Feminine forms of the name are: Louisa, Louise, Louisette, Lula.

Other forms of the name are: Lou, Louie, Lewis, Ludovic, Luis, Ludwig, Lutz, Luigi, Gino, Ludovico.

Famous bearers are Louis Armstrong, Louis Pasteur, Robert Louis Stevenson, Louis Braille, Louis Tomlinson, Louis Prima, Louis de Funès, Louis Vuitton, Louis Jourdan, Louis Malle, Louis Kahn, Louis Gossett Jr., Louis van Gaal.

French scientist Louis Pasteur is renowned for his discoveries.

Vaccination and pasteurization wouldn’t exist if not for his work, that made significant breakthrough in preventing many diseases.

American musician Louis Armstrong, a trumpeter, songwriter and singer is considered as one of the most influential jazz artists in the world.