Of Latin origin.

From the Latin name Marcus, deriving from the Roman god Mars.

Sources mention a possible Etruscan origin, from the ancient name Marce.

Marco is also Italian for Mark.

It was a common name in Venice, Italy, during the Middle Ages.

Other forms of the name are: Marcos, Marc, Marko, Marcas.

Famous bearers are Marco Polo, Marco Antonio Solis, Marco Bellocchio, Marco van Basten, Marco Fabian, Marco Melandri, Marco Hietala, Marco Leonardi.

Marco is a popular name in Italy.

Italian merchant and explorer Marco Polo, travelled the “Silk Road” for 24 years and he became a confident of Chinese ruler Kublai Khan.

His epic travels were unbelievable accomplishments in his time, so much that several of this stories were considered fairy tales.

It took a long time before he received the respect from scientists that authenticated his travels.