Of Latin origin.

Also spelled Maximillian.

From the Ancient Roman name Maximilianus, which derives from Maximus.

Maximus was a Roman family name.

In Latin maximus means “greatest”.

Frederick III, the Holy Roman Emperor, gave the name to his son, combining the names Maximus and Aemilianus, inspired by two Roman generals he admired.

Feminine forms of the name are: Maximiliane, Maxine, Maxene.

Other forms of the name are: Max, Massimiliano, Maximiliano, Maxi.

Maximilian is a popular name in Austria.

Famous bearers are Maximilian Schell, Maximilian Levy.

Maximilian Schell was an Austrian actor.

In his long and successful career he won an Academy Award for Best Actor and a Golden Globe as well as several more awards.