Of Greek origin.

From the Greek word “μέλισσα”, mélissa, meaning “bee”.

A highly meaningful name.

According to Greek mythology, Melissa was, along with Amaltheia, Zeus’s nursemaid, feeding him with honey, so that he would grow fast and claim his place between the Greek gods.

Melissa was one of Melissus, King of Crete, daughters.

Melissa was the nymph who discovered and taught the use of honey.

The name was also an epithet for Greek goddesses such as Dimitra (Demeter), Artemis and Persephone.

Melissa is also mentioned as a teacher of the gods Apollo, Dionysos, and Aristaios about beekeeping and honey.

Melissa is a name used in the works of some great classical authors, such as Charles Dickens, Lawrence Durrell, Rudyard Kipling.

Other forms of the name are Melyssa, Mel, Melitta, Melise, Melicia, Lissa, Melinda, etc.

Famous bearers are Melissa McCarthy, Melissa Etheridge, Melissa Rauch, Melissa George, Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Leo, Melissa Tkautz.