Most Popular Baby Names for 2015 in the U.S.A.

Popular, distinctive, short or exotic, whichever is your preferable name, it would be perfect if your baby will feel comfortable with it.

In the United States, every year, come May, the Social Security Administration releases the list with the most popular names of the previous year.

There were no surprises this year. Just two new names in the top 10 for the U.S.A.

Benjamin for the boys and Harper for the girls are the new entries, both in no. 10.

Choosing a suitable name for your baby is certainly going to play a great role in their life.

In the U.S. Social Security Administration site, you may find information about baby names, that goes back a hundred years.

Most names stay on the lists for several years, some of the names are always loved by parents and that means that their kids probably loved the names, otherwise some of these names would have completely disappeared.

Here you may find the top 15 baby names for boys and girls, chosen by parents in the U.S.A, for 2015:

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