Names for your baby’s future profession

baby_future_professionPlumber, poet or NBA star? Have you ever thought that it depends on the baby name?

Experts suggest that there is a relation among the name and the profession. There are certain names that appear more often in some professions than others.

Take Elvis for example. Although there aren’t that many people named Elvis, a high percentage of them are musicians. Of course, if you name your baby boy Elvis it’s possible that when he will grow up he will believe he is a talented musician, even if nobody else shares the same opinion with him.

If you name your baby girl Beyoncé or Lady Gaga, you are definitely looking for trouble. Look at the bright side of it: Even if she doesn’t become a pop star, nobody will ever forget her name!

Let’s get real, in a world of nepotism, it’s the surname that really counts for a future career and not the name you will choose.

So, the best thing you can do for your baby’s successful career is to get married with a very famous and rich person.

Try a member of the Kennedy family. Mark Zuckerberg is not available anymore.

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