Of Latin origin.

From an ancient Roman family name Paulus.

Deriving from the Latin adjective that means small.

Saint Paul was one of the Apostles and is considered one of the most important Christian figures and saints.

His epistles are vital for Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christian theology and worship.

Paul was a very common name among the early Christians.

Six popes were bearers of the name.

Feminine forms of the name are: Paula, Paola, Pauline, Paulinha, Paulette.

Other forms of the name are: Pablo, Paolo, Paulo, Pavel, Paulie, Palle, Pavo.

Paul is a popular name in Austria, Germany, Spain and France.

Famous bearers are Paul McCartney, Paul Newman, Paul Anka, Paul Walker, Paul Simon, Paul Giamatti, Paul Cézanne, Paul Ricoeur, Paul Hogan, Paul Weller, Paul Sorvino, Paul Winfield, Paul Pogba, Paul McGann, Paul Smith, Paul Rudd, Paul Lambert, Paul Bettany.

English singer, songwriter and composer Paul McCartney is a living legend.

Along with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney formed the most influential band in the history of music, “The Beatles”.