Of Germanic and/or Greek origin.

Deriving from the Norman name Hrodheid.

The original name Hrodheid was composed by two words: “hrod”, meaning fame, honour, and “heid”, meaning king, sort, dignity.

The name passed from the Ancient Germanic to the Proto-Norse to Old-Norse and Old-Saxon. It was introduced to England as “Rohese” and “Roese”.

Of Greek origin:

From Ancient Greek word “ῥόδον”, Aeolic wrodon, meaning the flower rose, which is associated with the Persian word “wŗda” of the same meaning.

It was transferred into Latin and Italian word rosa. In English rose was used as a color name since 1520.

Alternative forms of the name are: Rosa, Rosabel, Rosalia, Rosie, Rosy, Rosabell, Rosabelle, Rosette, Rosine, Rozalia, Roselle, Rohese, Royse, Rosika, Roza, Rosita, etc.

Famous bearers are Rose Kennedy, Rose Leslie, Rose McGowan, Rose Byrne, Rose Laurens, Rose McIver, Rose Hill, Rose Tyler, Rose Keegan.