Of Greek origin.

From the masculine name Stephen.

From the Greek name “Στέφανος”, (Stefanos), and the Greek word “στέφανος”, meaning wreath, crown.

The Greek noun was recorded in Homer’s epic poem Iliad.

In Ancient Greece, a wreath was given to contest winners. Winners of the ancient Olympic Games were given an olive wreath.

Alternative forms of the name: Stefani, Stephany, Stevie, Stef, Steffie, Steffi, Stefana, Stefanie, Stefania, Fanni.

Famous bearers are Steffi Graf, Stephanie March, Stephanie Zimbalist, Stephanie Mills, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, Stephanie Gilmour, Stephanie Rice, Stephanie Seymour, Stephany Jacobsen, Stephanie Beacham.