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Of Ancient Egyptian origin.

From the Hebrew name “Aharon”.

Sources also mention probable Hebrew derivation of the name, with meanings such as “enlightened” or “high mountain”.

According to the Old Testament, Aaron was Moses’ older brother.

Aaron was used as an English name only after the Protestant Reformation.

Alternative forms are: Aron, Aran, Arron, Aaren, Aren, Arin, Haroun.

Aaron is a popular name in Scotland and Ireland.

Famous bearers are Aaron Neville, Aaron Copland, Aaron Eckhart, Aaron Paul, Aaron Lewis, Aaron Hernandez, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Sorkin, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Aaron Tveit.

Watch a short biography video about one successful bearer of the name, American actor Aaron Eckhart:

Aaron Eckhart Biography από BollywoodBiography