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About us

“Baby names for” is a site created in order to provide a comprehensive database for baby names.

The idea is to generate an extensive, analytical, fresh and simple index of names.

We aim at helping you search for the most suitable name for your baby.

“Baby namesĀ for” is the best site for those who are interested in finding combined information about the name’s qualities, aspects, and symbolism.

Here you can find names for boys and girls by origin, popularity, and nationality. We also provide meanings of the names.

You can find out which names are popular. Get name ideas from celebrities who’s choices of baby names can inspire you and make it easier for you to choose the perfect name for your baby boy or girl.

All of our lists are created so you can browse easily from one category to the other and let you have fun during this wonderful time of your life, whether your baby is on the way or you are already the proud parents of a wonderful newborn.

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