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Of Irish origin.

It is an Anglicized form of the Irish name Aodhán, which derives from the Old Irish “Áedán”.

Associated with the Scottish Gaelic name Aodh, meaning “fiery” or “fire”.

Aodh was the Celtic god of sun.

Other forms of the name are Aydan, Aiden, Ayden, Edan, Adan, Aden.

Famous bearers are Aidan Quinn, Aidan Gillen, Aidan Turner, Aidan O’ Brien, Aidan Gillett, Aidan Higgins, Aidan Bristow, Aidan Moffat.

Aidan Quinn is an American actor who became widely known with his debut film “Reckless”, in 1984, starring opposite Daryl Hanna.

Since then, he has starred in more than 50 films, such as “The Mission”, “Legends of the Fall”, “Blink”, “Michael Collins”, “Unknown”, etc.

In the following short video, Aidan Quinn receives an IFTA Award for his role in Conor McPherson’s 2009 film “The Eclipse”.