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Of Germanic origin.

From the Germanic name “Adalbert”.

This was a name composed by the word elements “adal”, meaning “noble” and “beraht”, meaning “bright”.

Albert was very often used by the German medieval royal families.

It was introduced to England by the Normans.

It became popular during the 19th century, due to Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert.

Feminine forms are Alberta, Albertina, Bertina, Alberte.

Alternative forms are: Al, Bertie, Aubert, Bert, Alberto, Burt, Baer, Abbe.

Famous bearers are Albert Einstein, Albert Camus, Albert Brooks, Albert Finney, Albert Schweitzer, Albert King, Albert Collins.

Albert Einstein was a German physicist.

He is widely known for his “theory of relativity” and also changed the philosophy of science.

After Ad. Hitler came to power in Germany, Einstein moved to the United States of America and became an American citizen.