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Also Andréa.

Of Greek origin.

Feminine form of Andrew.

Andrea is also a masculine name, Italian form of Andrew.

The name in Greek is “Ανδρέας”, Andreas.

Derives from the ancient Greek word “ἀνήρ” & “ἀνδρός” which means man.

Andreas also derives from the Greek word “ανδρείος”, meaning brave.

Other forms of the feminine name are: Andrina, Andy, Andra, Drea, Andie.

Alternative forms of the masculine name are: Andreas, Andre, Andy, Drew, Andrej, André, Aindriú, Andreu, Anders.

Famous female bearers are Andrea Corr, Andrea Riseborough, Andrea Lowe, Andrea Mayr, Andrea Barber, Andrea Leeds, Andrea Martin, Andrea Savage, Andrea Roth.

Famous male bearers are Andrea Bocelli, Andrea Pirlo, Andrea Casiraghi, Andrea Dovizioso, Andrea Faustini.