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Of Hebrew origin.

A diminutive of the name Anne, Anna, deriving from the Hebrew name Hannah.

Other forms of the name are: Ane, Anna, Hanna, Hannah, Annette, Anouk, Nan, Nancy, Nannie, Anita, Anica, Anabel, Nanna.

Famous bearers are Annie Lennox, Annie Leibovitz, Annie Girardot, Annie Thurman, Annie Ilonzeh, Annie Potts, Annie Clark, Annie Liu.

One notable bearer of the name is Scottish songwriter, singer and political activist Annie Lennox.

Along with musician David Stewart, they formed the “Eurythmics” and achieved great international success during the 1980’s.

She has received numerous awards and in 1992 she embarked her solo career, that also proved very successful.

Another brilliant bearer of the name is American photographer Annie Leibovitz, one of the most respected and successful photographers in the world.

Leibovitz has shot some of the most iconic images of the last decades of musicians, artists and politicians.