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April Baby Names

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The fourth month of the calendar year, April is a magnet of beautiful inspirations from which you may find the most suitable name for your precious little boy or girl.

In April people from more than 190 countries celebrate Earth Day.

It’s the month that St. George is celebrated by Christians and it’s the month of Buddha’s birthday too.

Weather frequently changes from sunny days to rainy evenings, and this makes April a symbol of surprise and contradiction.

It’s the month of the April Lyrids, the meteor shower from the Lyra constellation.

It was the Ancient Romans who gave the name “Aprilis”, the Latin name of April to this month when they formed the Roman calendar.

Different sources mention different origins of the month’s name and etymology.

According to Wikipedia, etymology is from the Latin verb “aperire” meaning “to open”, associating the month with the first signs of spring, the “opening” of flowers and trees.

Other sources mention the word “Apru”, which was the name the Etruscans used for Aphrodite, the Ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty.

All these associations infuse a beautiful allure on April inspired names.

Lathyrus Odoratus and Bellis Perennis are the month’s delightful birth flowers. Commonly known as Sweet Pea and Daisies. This specific type of daisies was used by the Romans as herbal medicine.

April’s birthstone is the diamond, the most precious gem in the world associated with eternity, love, courage and enduring beauty.

Aries and Taurus are the zodiac signs of this month.

April fool’s day is the annual celebration of playing practical jokes or spreading hoaxes. Same as the changes in weather this custom makes some people feel awkward, but on the other hand, it’s tradition’s way of giving people the right to laugh, play and enjoy without holding back or feeling guilt.

April and its intriguing symbolic associations project brilliance and spirituality to the names linked with it, making them interesting and attractive.

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