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Of Greek origin.

From the Greek verb «αἱρέω-ῶ» (eró), which in ancient Greek meant arrest, conquer, or from the Greek verb «ἀναιρέω-ῶ» (aneró) which meant recant, kill.

From Ares the Greek god of war. One of the Twelve Olympians. Son of Zeus and Hera.

He represents the physical and untamed aspect of war, courage, strength, hardiness, and vigor.

In Ancient Sparta, Ares was viewed as the perfect soldier.

He was resilient and his physical strength along with his military intelligence was unrivaled.

Also, an ancient statue, representing the god in chains, suggested that the martial spirit and victory were to be kept in the city of Sparta.

Another form of the name is Ares.

Aris is sometimes the shorten version of Aristotle, one of most significant Greek philosopher of the 4th century BC who made lasting contributions to Western thought.

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