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Of Greek origin.

Athena was the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, daughter of Zeus, king of the gods of the Mount Olympos.

The etymology of the name is considered unknown, although in Plato’s “Cratylus”, Athena derives from the words “θεο-νόα”, meaning “God’s mind”.

According to Greek mythology, her mother was one of the Oceanids, the Titan Metis. In contradiction to this, she is also mentioned as the only child of Zeus to be born not from a mother but full grown from her father’s forehead.

She was considered as the protectress of the city of Athens, Greece.

Athena was the goddess of reason, war, and handicraft and was identified by the Romans with their goddess Minerva.

Her power was great due to fact that she was her father’s favorite child.

In Homer’s “Iliad”, Athena protected and fought alongside Greece’s heroes during the Trojan war.

Other forms of the name are Athina, Athene, Athinais.

Famous bearers are Athina Onassis, Athena Andreadis, Athena Lee.