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Of Latin origin.

Means “dawn” in Latin.

According to Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of dawn, associated with the Greek mythology Titaness Eos, who rose each morning from her home at the edge of the Oceanus.

The aurora is also an unpredictable display of light in the night sky.

Known as the “aurora borealis” and “aurora australis” depending on the hemisphere, they are provoked by the sun’s energy and electrically charged particles of Earth’s magnetic fields.

Aurora has been used as a given name since the Renaissance period.

Alternative forms of the name are Aurore, Ora, Arora, Rory.

Aurora is a popular name in Italy.

Famous bearers are Aurora Clavel, Aurora Reyes Flores, Aurora Venturini, Aurora “Rory” Block, Aurora Browne, Aurora Martinez, Aurora Perrineau, Aurora Bautista, Aurora C├íceres.