Of Latin and Germanic origin.

Sources refer to Germanic word or name beginning with “av” to bear the meaning “desired”.

In Ancient Persian “av” associates with water.

Ava was also the name of a Nymph. Nymphs, in Greek mythology, were considered as beautiful and young women, regarded as divine spirits, usually associated with particular locations.

Ava was one of the “Naiades”, nymphs that inhabited the rivers, lakes, springs and fountains.

Ava is also a Persian name as well, meaning “voice” or “sound”.

It is also a variant of the name Eva and it is mentioned as an anglicization of the Irish name Aoife.

Saint Ava, was a 9th century princess, daughter of King Pepin, that became a Benedictine nun and was later elected Abbess.

The name’s popularity rose after several celebrity parents, such as Reese Witherspoon, Kevin Dillon, Hugh Jackman, Aidan Quinn, choose it for their daughters.

Famous bearers are Ava Gardner, Ava Barber, Ava DuVernay, Ava Deluca-Verley, Ava Leigh.

Ava is a popular name in the United States, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, England and Wales.

Ava Gardner is the most dashing representative of the name. Vanity Fair refers to Gardner as a goddess and Hollywood’s most irresistible woman.