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Baby Names for Boy – Boy Twins

boy_boy_twinsCheck out our list of baby names for boy – boy twins. We offer ten great combinations of names and information about the science concerning twin babies. Scarlett Johansson, Ashton Kutcher…

Gisele Bündchen, Vin Diesel, Kiefer Sutherland. Guess what these celebrities have in common… They all have a twin sibling.

Bonded by nature, twins may be identical and still individual. Best name choices could help them develop into fantastic human beings that will cherish each other and achieve their separate goals living a fulfilling happy life.

Invisible, mysterious even supernatural bond between twins has troubled people and gave birth to stories about the psychic connection between them.

Telepathy and all sorts of communication, other than phones or Skype, is a rather under-researched subject in the scientific world.

Although science is clueless about the supernatural connection between twins, urban legend and TV shows are very fond of this topic.

The bond between identical twins is considered to be very strong. What exactly does the word “identical” stand for?

The medical term is “monozygotic” and it concerns twins originating from a single zygote or fertilized egg which then splits into two. The division of that egg usually takes place a day or two after fertilization, but in some cases can take place up to twelve days later. It’s only natural to conclude that the later the division, the closer the bond.

Since you cannot give the same name to your twins, we recommend that you equally research for both names, so that you will come up with a pair of beautiful names.

On the other hand, if your twins are of the same sex, people will not be able to tell who is who, so your children will switch names and identities to make their lives easier.

Boy and boy baby names

Andrew, Antony

Bruce, Liam

Christopher, Nicholas

Daniel, David

George, Michael

Henry, William

Jesse, James

Matthew, Michael

Paul, Jack

Steven, Jason

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