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Baby Names Inspired by Cartoon Characters

cartoon baby namesBaby names inspired by cartoon characters are fantastic. We love these imaginary friends. They can turn the impossible into possible. They have the traits of a best friend.

They often seem to be powerless but, turns out, they manage to even change the way we dream. What an amazing source of inspiration they are!

Sharp and fast boys and girls, old monkeys, phantoms, ducks, penguins, lobsters and all sorts of superheroes.

Their spirit and their names are witty, pure-hearted, and funny.

Looking for a baby name can be adventurous and funny, exactly the same as watching your favorite cartoon character trying his best in his imaginative world where amazing things actually drop from the sky into their lap… Ok. Sometimes on to their head as well.

Comic and satirical art can be traced back to ancient times. Cartoon artists, scriptwriters, and sketchers have exhausted their imagination since the first issue of “Action Comics” in 1938 that introduced Superman to the world.

Seven years earlier Walt Disney produced the first animated cartoon in Technicolor and since then movies became one of the most lovable children’s destination.

From wishing upon a star to solving mysteries when grown-ups fail to do so, cartoon stories are inspiring, heartfelt and hilarious.

The world of cartoons is more colorful and safer than our world and definitely a world that dreams come true.

In the fantastic cartoon planet, the girl kisses the frog who magically transforms into a handsome prince.

In real life, sometimes happens the opposite: the girl kisses the prince and turns him into a frog.

If you have a favorite hero, no matter if he’s a talking car or a blue fish with big eyelashes and short-term memory problems, go ahead and read our list of baby names inspired by cartoon characters.

A baby name inspired by a cartoon is the first step in a world full of joy and fantasy.

Baby boy names inspired by cartoons

Andy – Toy Story

Bruce – Finding Nemo

Dennis – Dennis the Menace

Donald – Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Elmer – Looney Tunes

Felix – Felix the cat

Herman – Roger Rabbit

Sebastian – The Little Mermaid

Thomas – The Aristocats

Wallace – Wallace and Gromit

Baby girl names inspired by cartoons

Alice – Alice in Wonderland

Ariel – The Little Mermaid

Coraline – Coraline

Daisy – Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cartoons

Edith – Despicable Me

Esmeralda – The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Flower – Bambi

Jasmine – Aladdin

Jessie – Toy Story 2

Lois – Superman

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