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Baby Names Inspired by TV Show Characters

derek1Read our article about baby names inspired by TV shows characters and find out why it’s a useful category from which to choose from. Also, check our list for some great name suggestions.

Parents from around the world spend a lot of hours every weekend watching their favorite series.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that nearly 20 percent of moms found inspiration for naming their baby from TV show characters.

Another 16 percent of moms looked to actors and actresses for great baby names ideas.

When you are struggling to come up with a nice name for your baby and you don’t want any family names, TV shows can be a very interesting and endless source for baby names.

You must take into consideration that scriptwriters have done most of the work for you. That means they have made their research and they have come up with many pretty awesome names. They can be traditional names, ethnic names or more modern and trendy names.

It’s not sure that your baby will be enthusiastic about your choice coming from a TV show, so there is no need to share this information with him.

If one day he finds out that he shares the same name with a famous TV series character, you can tell him that the TV series character was named after your baby and not the other way around.

TV character names for boys 

Bertram – Mad Men

Cameron – Modern Family

Crosby – Parenthood

Derek – Grey’s Anatomy

Emil – Hill Street Blues

Gregory – House

Harvey – Suits

Joey  РFriends

Logan – Gilmore Girls

Luka – ER

Nolan – Revenge

Ricardo – Miami Vice

Sawyer – Lost

Stanford – Sex and the City

Victor – L.A. Law

TV character names for girls

Arya – Game of Thrones

Bree – Desperate Housewives

Bridget – Medium

Carmela – The Sopranos

Janette – Treme

Kima – The Wire

Lilly – Cold Case

Nadia – 24

Nora – Brothers and Sisters

Olivia – Law and Order SVU

Phoebe – Friends

Rayna – Nashville

Remy – House

Sophia – Sophia the First

Stella – How I Met Your Mother

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