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Baby Names that start with G

Baby names that start with G, like the letter itself, are both familiar and distinct. This letter’s history and symbolism, are making it a truly enthralling source of inspiration.

Here in “babynamesfor” we offer you the origins of the names, rankings, and etymology.

High on our priority is the research for symbolism, deriving not from fantasy and hearsay but from history and science.

Our goal is to help you pick the perfect name for your little treasure.

It is important to us that you do so not just by excluding the names you definitely do not like, but making sure your choice will be the best match for your baby’s personality in the years to come.

By thoroughly looking into all available sources, we systematically and methodically provide you with traits rising through the names trail from the depths of time.

Here you will also read about new trends and new spellings that produce fresh and original names.

The information we provide is continuously being refreshed, new content is added and our database is regularly renewed and expanded.

The data we gather is so interesting and spellbinding that we are often captivated and amazed ourselves.

The letter G is one of the most interesting letters of the Latin and English alphabet and we suggest that you definitely pause a little bit and read all about it.

G is the first letter of words such as generosity, grandeur, ground, growth, and gratitude. Therefore, all names starting with G, bear the marks and are influenced by all these qualities.

G is the first letter in names of kings and queens, brilliant leaders and intuitive thinkers.

The letter G is considered a variant of the letter C, from the Greek alphabet, called “gamma”, Γ, in Greek.

The letter Γ (gamma) passed into Latin in the form of C and was transformed into G, due to issues of pronunciation caused by the need for a different consonantal sound.

So, to begin with, G is a letter that comprises traits from both the letter C and itself, therefore is more complex than others.

G is for geometry and for God too.

Its symbolism is based on two very strong pillars, science, and theology.

The sound of the letter differs, becoming harder or softer depending on what letter follows. For example, in words like ghost, giant or laugh.

This letter is associated with faith and religion, with space and relativity, with physics and architecture.

Strong principles are embedded in the names that start with G.

Go ahead and browse through our collection of names starting with G before making up your mind about the best choice for your beloved baby’s name.

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