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Baby Names with Positive Meanings

Do you want your child to become the type of person who always faces life’s difficulties as a challenge and shields themselves with positive thoughts? Then you should read our article about baby names with positive meanings and scroll down our list of 30 suggestions.

Checking out our list of baby names with positive meaning will definitely help you make the perfect choice of a moniker and the best first gift to your baby.

Staying positive even when a tough situation arises, will help your child overcome most difficulties in life.

A name with a positive meaning will reinforce your baby.positive boys smiling

There are studies who have shown the importance of the name you will choose for your baby’s character and future life stance.

A name with a positive meaning will affect your baby’s life and will also provide them with the ability to share this wealth with others.

Believing in themselves will help them get rid of the negative influences, whether these are ill relationships or people who don’t encourage happiness.

Looking on the bright side, seeing the glass half full rather than dwelling on the negative are definitely some of the most valuable gifts you want to offer to your precious baby.

Grant them a beautiful name with a positive meaning to help them believe that a positive attitude is a choice and not just something random.


Positive names for boys

Alexander – defending men

Alfie – wisdom, counsel

Aristotle – best purpose

Benedict – blessed

Cody – helpful

Ellery – cheerful

Felix – happy, fortunate

Finian – fair

Isaac – laughter

Lenny – brave

Miles – gracious

Patrick – noble

Riley – courageous

Truman –¬†loyal

Wyatt – brave

Positive names for girls

Ada – noble, kind

Allegra – joyous

Athena – goddess of wisdom & warfare

Beatrix – she who brings happiness

Celeste – heavenly

Clara – bright

Corinna – maiden

Helena – shining

Jamille – beautiful

Mirabel – wonderful

Naomi – honest, pleasant

Philomena – friend of strength

Sophia – wisdom

Vera – faith

Zoe – life

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