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Bart is a masculine name of Greek and Aramaic origin.

From the Hebrew name Bartholomew, meaning “son of Talmai” or “son of furrow”.

This is yet another name with many associations. One more proof of the wealth and complexity which are embedded in most given names and passed to us from the distant adventurous history of humankind.

Bart, via “Talmai”, is associated with the Greek name «Πτολεμαίος» (pron. Ptolemaios) Ptolemy in English, which means “warlike”.

It’s also linked with the notions of power and authority because Ptolemy was the name of the great Ptolemaic dynasty.

Feminine form of the name is Bartolomea.

Other forms of the name are Bartholomew, Βαρθολομαίος (Vartholomaios), Bartolomé, Bartol, Bartel, Bartek, Bartholomei, Mees, Bartal, Barta, Bertalan, Toli, Bartos, Bardo, Varfolomei.

Famous bearers of the name are Bart Veldkamp, Bart Johnson, Bart Swings, Bart Peeters, Bart Conner, Bart Wellens, Bart de Graaff, Bart Voskamp, Bart Forbes, Bart Laeremans, Bart Claessen, Bart Brentjens, Bart De Clercq.