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Of Latin origin.

Italian name which originates from the Latin Beatrix, associated with the French name Béatrice.

It is possible that the name comes from the name Viatrix, feminine form of the Latin Viator.

Different sources mention two possible meanings of the name: “Traveler” and also “she who brings happiness”.

The name became popular due to Beatrice Portinari, the Florentine woman who was Dante Alighieri’s inspiration for the “Vita Nuova” and also appeared as one of his guide in the “Divine Comedy”.

Beatrice is also a William Shakespeare’s character in “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Other forms of the name are Bea, Bice, Beata, Beatris, Trixie, Béatrice, Beatrix, Bia.

Beatrice is ranked #20 in Italy and #45 in Romania.

Famous bearers are Béatrice Dalle, Beatrice Rosen, Beatrice Martin, Beatrice Wood.

Béatrice Dalle is a French actress who became widely known for her role as Betty in the 1986 film “Betty Blue”.

In the following video you may watch a homemade video tribute to Beatrice Dalle’s career.