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Origin and meaning uncertain.

Possibly a combination of the Italian word “bella”, meaning “beautiful” and the Spanish & Portuguese word “linda”, also meaning “beautiful”.

It may also be a combination of the Italian “bella” and the Germanic words “linde”, meaning “tender” or “soft”.

Belinda may also be the combination of the Italian “bella” and the Germanic “lind”, meaning “dragon, serpent”.

Belinda is the title of two novels written by Irish writer Maria Edgeworth and American author Anne Rice.

Other forms of the name are Bellinda, Bindy, Bellynda, Linda, Bel, Linnet, etc. It is also associated with the name Bella.

Famous bearers are Belinda Stewart-Wilson, Belinda Carlisle, Belinda Peregrín, Belinda Bencic, Belinda Montgomery, Belinda Giblin, Belinda Bauer, Belinda Heggen.

Belinda Carlisle is an American singer.

She became famous as the lead singer of the band “The Go-Go’s”. The Go-Go’s topped the Billboard album charts in the early ’80’s and where the first all-female band who wrote their music and played their instruments.

Belinda Carlisle pursued a solo career after leaving the band in 1984.

She soon released successful personal albums, such as “Belinda”, “Heaven On Earth”, etc.