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Of Greek origin.

From the Greek name “Φερενίκη”, “Pherenike”.

A combination of two Greek words: “φέρω”, “phero”, meaning “to bring” and “νίκη”, “nike”, meaning “victory”.

It means “she who brings victory”.

Pherenike’s spelling was changed into the Ancient Macedonian form of “Βερενίκη”, “Verenike” and was lated Latinized into “Berenice”.

It was a name often used by the Egyptian Ptolemy ruling family, originally from Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia.

In the New Testament, it was the name of King Herod Agrippa’s II sister.

It was not used as an English name until the Protestant Reformation.

The name is also known from the “Coma Berenices”, the traditional asterism, one of the 88 modern constellations.

Its name means “Berenice’s Hair” and it refers to Queen Berenice’s II of Egypt legend.

Variants of the name are: Bérénice, Veronica, Veronika, Véronique.

Famous bearers are Bérénice Bejo, Bérénice Marlohe, Bernice Abbott.

Bérénice Bejo is an French Argentine actress who made her American film debut in the film “A Knight’s Tale” and became widely known with her role as Peppy Miller in 2001’s film “The Artist”.

In the following video (in French) Bérénice Bejo talks about “The Artist” :