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Of Norse or Chinese origin.

From the Old Norse nickname “Bui”.

Derives from the Old Norse word “bua”, meaning “to live”.

Bo is also a Chinese name.

When of Chinese origin, Bo derives from the Chinese character “bō”, meaning “wave” and other characters with the same pronunciation.

Bo is also a diminutive form of several masculine or feminine names, such as Robert, Bonnie, etc.

Another form of the name is the Swedish diminutive Bosse.

Famous male bearers are Bo Diddley (born Ella Otha Bates), Bo Jackson (born Vincent Edward Jackson), Bo Hansson, Bo Svenson, Bo Hopkins.

Famous female bearers are Bo Derek (born Mary Cathleen Collins), Bo Bruce.

Bo Derek is an American actress, movie producer.

She became widely known when she starred in Blake Edwards’ film “10”.