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Of Irish origin.

From the Old Irish name Bréanainn.

Bréanainn derives from a Welsh word that means “prince”.

Sources mention a Gaelic name, Breandán, also from of the Old Irish Bréanainn.

The mediaeval Latin form of the name was Brendanus.

According to legend, the Irish Saint Brendan, also known as “the Navigator”, crossed the Atlantic ocean, in the 6th century, and reached North America.

Other forms of the name are: Brendon, Brandon, Brenden, Brendán.

Famous bearers are Brendan Gleeson, Brendan Fraser, Brendan Coyle, Brendan Hines, Brendan O’Carroll, Brendan Cowell, Brendan Shanahan, Brendan Fevola, Brendan Grace, Brendan Haywood, Brendan Fehr.