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Brianna is a feminine name, possibly of Celtic, Irish or Occitan origin.

A variant of Briana.

Feminine form of the name Brian.

It is associated with the Celtic word “bre”, meaning “hill”, in which case, by extension, the name’s meaning is “high” or “honourable”.

Variant forms of the name are Briana, Breanna, Brianne, Brienna, Bryana, Brienne, Bryanne.

Masculine forms of the name are Brian, Bryan, Bryon, Brion, Brien.

Brianna is ranked #123 in the 2017 baby names’ U.S.A. popularity lists. The highest ranking of the name was #14 in 1999.

Famous bearers are Brianna Perry aka Lil’ Brianna, Brianna Brown, Brianna Hildebrand, Brianna Keilar, Brianna Lea Pruett.