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British Baby Names

Child-kiltAre you looking for a classy, traditional and yet distinctive name for your baby? In our list of British baby names, you will find several pleasant, dandy names of different origins and styles, all suitable for an astonishing little baby like yours.

Choosing a British baby name is a rather easy goal.

Parents shouldn’t be bothered searching for any hidden meaning behind most of the British names. Only if you go back to ancient languages, most of them dead, like Ancient Greek and Latin, you may find the meaning of most of the British names.

Sources of the British first names are the Bible and the Celtic tradition. The Normans, the Irish, the Welsh and the Scottish are also originators of many interesting and nice British names.

Pre-Christian Germanic names reached England through invasion. Now some of those names are climbing up the trend’s lists for the British baby names of 2015.

Take “Richard” for example. Distinctively British, it’s a name brought to England by the Normans and comes from two Germanic words meaning ‘power’ and ‘strong’.

Queens and kings, lords and earls, together with the heroic outlaws and the savage invaders, provide hundreds of good ideas for any of you who, for some reason, are desperately looking for a British baby name.

Cultural heritage and tradition of a formal colonial power should be enough for those of you who want a serious, decent and proper name for your baby.

Brits are famous for their sense of humor and detachment, often called “the British phlegm” or in plain …English, just “spirit”.

They consider themselves to be the founders of “fair play” and, in some brilliant cases, have proved to the world that they are very tolerant of eccentricity in self-expression.

So, if by any chance your child will get in trouble later in school or the university, what excuse could be more efficient for him than to blame the eccentricity that came with the name and claim innocence since he didn’t choose it for himself.

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