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Of English origin.

A short form of the name Burton.

From a place name that means “fortified town”.

Burt may also be a diminutive of the name Albert. If so, the origin of the name is Germanic and it means “noble”, “bright”.

Famous bearers are Burt Lancaster, Burt Reynolds, Burt Bacharach, Burt Young, Burt Kwouk, Burt Ward.

Burt Reynolds is an American actor, producer and director.

He has a long and successful career which includes tv-series and films, such as “Pony Express”, “Deliverance”, “Smokey and the Bandit”, “Boogie Nights”, “Time of the Wolf”, etc.

Burt Lancaster was an American film actor.

He starred in the R. Siodmak’s film “The Killers” with Ava Gardner in 1946 and immediately became a star.

One of the most famous movie scenes in the history of cinema is him kissing Deborah Kerr, in Fred Zinnemann’s “From Here To Eternity”.