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Of Germanic origin.

A popular form of the name Charles in several countries.

It means “army, warrior”, from the common old Germanic element “hari”.

It also means “free man”.

Feminine forms of the name are: Carla, Karla, Carley, Carly, Carlene.

Other forms of the name are: Karl, Carlo, Kalle, Carlos, Karlo, Carolus, Carlito, Carlinhos, Kale, Charles, Charlie.

Famous bearers are Carl Jung, Carl Sagan, Carl Orff, Carl Gauss, Carl Lewis, Carl Perkins, Carl Wilson, Carl Edwards, Carl Weathers, Carl Reiner, Carl Hagelin, Carl Francis Gallagher.

Carl is a popular name in Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

Carl Jung, was a very important Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist, the founder of analytical psychology.

His analysis of human nature investigated religions, alchemy and mythology. He focused on the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious process.