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April Baby Names

In “Babynamesfor” you will find all the aspects of a name. Etymology, origin, culture, science are at your disposal. We research, you learn and enjoy. Visiting our site is a fun experience that also provides interesting and accurate information about thousands of names. 

March Baby Names

Here in “Baby names for” you will find more about names than in any other site built to provide baby names lists and ideas. Precise, deep and yet condensed knowledge concerning names and the stories behind them.

Japanese Baby Names

In our list of Japanese baby names, you will find beautiful names with a cultural context. If you are a person of Japanese descent, you already know that Japan is a country with a rich culture. Japanese names are beautiful in meaning and in sound.

Chinese Baby Names

In your search for an interesting baby name, you may consider a name category that contains names with almost any possible meaning. Read our article and check out some inspiring suggestion on our Chinese baby names list.