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Celeste is a feminine name of Latin origin.

From the Latin ‘caelestis’, meaning ‘celestial’, ‘heavenly’, ‘sky’, ‘divine’.

Etymology experts also refer to the proto Indian European root “kaid-slo” as a possible origin of the word “celestial”. In this case, Celeste may also mean “bright”, “clear”.

This is a profoundly meaningful name.

It’s linked with the spirituality of all things heavenly, but also with the power of the sky and its phenomena in peoples’ lives.

Other forms of the name are Céleste, Celest, Celia, Celestia, Celestine, Cela, Celie, Celinka, Celyna, Celina, Cellest, Selestyna.

Famous bearers are Celeste Holm, Celeste Barber, Celeste Thorson, Celeste Cid, Celeste Kellogg, Celeste Buckingham.