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Of Germanic origin.

Derives from the Germanic name Karl, from a word that meant “man”.

Another origin of Charles is the common element “hari”, which meant “army, warrior”, also in Germanic.

The name was popular in Europe, due to the fame of Charles the Great, best known as Charlemagne (742-814). He was a king who ruled over most of Europe.

It was the name of several Roman Emperors and kings, in France, Sweden, Spain and Portugal.

Feminine forms of the name are Carla, CharlotteCharlie, Carolina, Charlize, Caroline, Carole, Carol.

Alternative forms of the name are Carlos, Carl, Charlie, Karl, Kalle, Chaz, Chuck.

Famous bearers are Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Charles de Gaulle, Charles Prince of Wales, Charles Dance, Charles Aznavour, Charles Bukowski, Charles Bronson, Charles Barkley, Charles A. Lindbergh, Charles Boyer, Charles Laughton .

Charles is a popular name in United States, Canada, England and Wales, Australia and France.

The list of Charlies that have accomplished great things and influenced people’s lives is long.

Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory had a huge impact on biology and society.

Charles Dickens‘ legacy is still influencing people. Not only because of the everlasting appreciation for his novels, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, etc., but for his extensive criticism against social inequality.

Charles A. Lindbergh flew solo over the Atlantic ocean in 1927.

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