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Of Germanic origin.

A masculine and feminine name.

Derives from the Germanic name Karl, from a word that meant “man”.

Another origin of the name is the common element “hari”, which meant “army, warrior”, also in Germanic.

Often used as a masculine nickname for Charles.

Also, when feminine, diminutive of Charlotte.

In the form of “Charles” it was popular in Europe, due to the fame of Charles the Great, best known as Charlemagne (742-814). He was a king who ruled over most of Europe.

Charlie is a popular name in England, Ireland, Australia, Scotland and New Zealand.

Famous male bearers are Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Parker, Charlie Watts, Charlie Barnett.

Charlie Chaplin’s genius talent has set high standards in the cinema industry.

A young and famous bearer of the name is English actor and screenwriter Charlie Hunnam, who became widely known after his role in the TV series “Sons of Anarchy”.