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Chinese Baby Names

china_faceIn your search for an interesting baby name, you may consider a name category that contains names with almost any possible meaning. Read our article and check out some inspiring suggestion on our Chinese baby names list.

Here you can learn some basic information and the meaning of several Chinese names that are sweet-sounding and heartwarming.

The choices are endless and this is due to the tens of thousands of characters of the Chinese language and to the country’s civilization.

China’s history goes back deep in time. The culture has ancient roots. The Chinese civilization is one of the world’s earliest ones.

When it comes to baby names, traditions in China are quite different from those of the western world. For example, it is unlikely for a Chinese baby to take the name of an older relative.

It is considered bad luck for a child to be given the name of a consideredant historical figure or a celebrity.

Chinese names usually consist of one or two syllables.

Those syllables may be any of the thousands of characters of the language. So this is why the combinations are almost limitless.

Babies in China are often given gender based names. Many of these names have strong, colorful and fascinating meanings.

Boys acquire names that have a meaning of courage and strength.

Girls are given feminine names that usually concern beauty or flowers.

A very interesting naming tradition concerns the siblings’ names. For example, the boy may have a name that includes a language character that means “sun” and the girl would have a character for “moon”.

Mandarin or Cantonese, the Chinese names can be a great inspiration for your quest.

We gathered 30 wonderful Chinese baby names and their meaning for you to choose the one that suits your precious little boy or girl.

Chinese baby names for boys

Bao – Treasure

Chen – Morning, Great

Fai – Light

Jian – Well-being

Kuen – The first

Le – Happiness

Li – Strength

Lok – Joyful

Meng – Energetic

Quon – Bright

Shan – Coral

Shing – Triumph

Tao – Large wave

Tian – Sky, heaven

Wei – Large

Chinese baby names for girls

An – Peace

Bo – Precious

Cai – Colorful

Feng – Phoenix

Hai – Coming from the sea

Jia – Lovely, tender

Jun – Truth

Huang – Yellow

Lian – Daughter of the sun

Liu – Flowing

Mei – Plum

Mulan – Magnolia blossom

Shui – Water

Zi – Increase in number

Wing – High honor

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