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Of Greek origin.

Short form of the names Christian, Christina and Christopher.

Chris is used both as a masculine and a feminine name.

It derives from the Greek name for Christ, “Χριστός”, which is the origin of the names Christian and Christopher.

Alternative male names are: Cristian, Cristiano, Christoph, Kristian, Chip, Christóbal, Kristóf, Christer, Kit.

Alternative female names are: Christina, Christine, Tina, Ina, Hristina, Christelle, Kristine, Tine, Cristiana.

Famous male bearers are Chris Hemsworth, Chris Rock, Chris Noth, Chris Cooper, Chris Martin, Chris Isaak, Chris De Burgh, Chris Cornell, Chris Pine, Chris Tucker, Chris O’Donnell, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Chris Colfer.

Famous female bearers are Chris Evert, Chris Bath.