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Of Greek origin.

Feminine form of the name Christian, from the Latin Christiana.

It is associated with Saint Christina the Great Martyr, Saint Christina of Tyre.

Christina, Queen of Sweden, considered one of the most educated women in the 1600’s, left the throne to become a Catholic.

Other forms of the name are Christiana, Christine, Kristina, Krista, Christen, Ina, Tina, Kristi, Chrissy, Chrissie, Kristen.

Masculine forms of the name are: Christian, Kristen, Christen.

Famous bearers are Christina Aguilera, Christina Ricci, Christina Applegate, Christina Hendricks, Christina Onassis, Christina Vukicevic, Christina Kim, Christina Stead, LaFee (Christina Klein).

Singer, songwriter Christina Maria Aguilera is consider one of the greatest pop singers of her generation and has been ranked in the Forbes list of “the 20 richest women in entertainment”.