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Christopher is an English name of Greek origin.

From the Greek name “Χριστόφορος”, Christophoros, meaning “bearer of Christ”.

The name is a combination of two words: “Χριστός” (Christós, Christ) and “φέρω”, phero, meaning to bear.

Christopher is a profoundly meaningful name. Mainly because of the beautiful vibes that its etymology projects.

Keep in mind that what vibes project is not an abstract notion of a pure feeling. Same as words and the vocabulary we use, names carry within them the weight and marvel of people’s amazing qualities, struggles, victories and defeats, all of which moulded the history of humanity.

Saint Christopher is associated with several myths that spread from Greece to Europe, most of them of unknown historical origin.

According to one of the myths he carried young Jesus across a river.

He is the patron saint of travellers.

Several kings were named Christopher, such as Christopher I and Christopher of Bavaria.

The most famous bearer of the name is Christopher Columbus (in Italian Cristoforo Colombo), from Genoa, the explorer and navigator who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1492.

Other forms of the name are Chris, Christoforos, Cristóbal, Christophe, Kristopher, Christoffer, Kris, Kit, Christoph, Cristoforo, Topher, Christophell, Chip, Christóvão, Krzysiek.

Famous bearers are Christopher Marlowe, Christopher Walken, Christopher Lee, Christopher Reeve, Christopher Nolan, Christopher Plummer, Christopher Pratt, Christopher Cross, Christopher Meloni, Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Hitchens, Christopher Eccleston.

Multi-awarded actor Christopher Walken, born Roland Walken, has appeared in more than 100 films and he has also played leading roles in Shakespearian plays, such as Macbeth, Hamlet and Coriolanus.

He was the protagonist in Fat Boy Slim’s music video “Weapon of Choice”, directed by Spike Jonze, considered by several media as the best music video ever made, beating classic music videos like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.